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Hello Miami Jackson gang!  We’re trying out this new format to communicate with one another.  Time is slipping by at an incredible speed.  This is a way we can stretch it out a bit by staying in touch and sharing our memories (for better or for worse); sharing our “stories” of how we got to this point in our lives, our laughter, our tears;  sharing our pets and grand kids alike, our grunts and groans, successes and failures–we all have them.  Let me urge you to be *supportive*, civil, honest, sensitive.  The ground rules:  no biting, no spitting, no scratching, eye-gouging, or broken bones — all else would be fine 🙂

Know that this format is experimental for us.  It may fall flat, but let’s see how it works.  If it doesn’t work, we can go back to the on-going email that we forward to each other.

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  If this in not private enough for you, I believe we can change that.  Let me know.

Final Comment:  when the Blog gets too long, I can cut out the oldest from the bottom.  Don’t take it personal if yours is one of them 😉   ,  but I hesitate to cut if off because there are new people coming on board every so often that will miss reading “Your Story”.

Cheers to all.   -Ralph Proenza ’63


200 Responses to Miami Jax Blog

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  2. Ralph says:


    THIS IS A MUST WATCH!!!! Not only is this a fantastic digital creation that blends at least 5 musical instruments into one, but the fingering positions on the strings seem to be accurate as to the sound they create. All of you string instrument players will appreciate this. Best of all the music chosen to demonstrate this digital creation is beautiful by itself. I’m guessing someone put countless hours into creating this production. The instrument is a “Resonant Chamber”.

    Incredible example of engineering brilliance. Turn up your sound and enjoy.

  3. Diane Kisner Knight says:

    I still get chills when listening to parts of AIDA.

  4. Ralph says:

    Richard Kashinsky asked to post this. It is WORTH seeing!:

    A renowned Dutch violinist, conductor and composer, and his orchestra did a
    tribute to Frank Sinatra with My Way on his Stradivarius violin at Radio City Music Hall – New York.
    Hope you enjoy this lovely and moving piece of music.

  5. Ralph says:

    Richard Kashinsky has found a FANTASTIC marching band half-time show. This is worth viewing:

    A fantastic tribute to the Military Branches by WVU Marching Band.


  6. Diane Kisner Knight says:

    Happy Veteran’s Day to all of you who served our country – Thank You!

  7. Ralph says:

    The American Medical Assn has weighed in on the new Universal Healthcare package—

    The Allergists voted to scratch it, but the Dermatologists advised not to make any rash moves.
    The Gastroenterologists had sort of a gut feeling about it, but the Neurologists thought the Administration has a lot of nerve.
    The Obstetricians felt they were all laboring under a misconception.
    Ophthalmologists consider the idea shortsighted.
    Pathologists yelled, “Over my dead body!” while Pediatricians said, “Oh, Grow up!”
    The Psychiatrists thought the whole idea was madness, while the Radiologists could see right through it.
    Surgeons decided to wash their hands of the whole thing.
    The Internists thought it was a bitter pill to swallow, and the Plastic Surgeons said, “This puts a whole new face on the matter.”
    The Podiatrists thought it was a step in the right direction, but the Urologists were pissed off at the whole thing.
    The Anesthesiologists thought the whole idea was a gas, and the Cardiologists didn’t have the heart to say NO.
    In the end, the Proctologists didn’t give a crap, and won out, leaving the entire decision up to the a**holes in Washington.

    • Diane Kisner says:

      What did your fellow dentists think about the healthcare plan? Maybe they just couldn’t sink their teeth into it.

      • Ralph says:


        Actually, most all dentists were kind of down in the mouth about it, and went back to their ‘boring’ routines because accepting the plan was like pulling teeth.

  8. Ralph says:

    In 1957, The Diamonds had a hit with “Little Darlin”. 47 years later, they were requested to perform at Atlantic City .. This link leads to both performances. Watch the first one
    then scroll down for the new one 47 years later. WOW..WHAT MEMORIES!!

    Be sure to watch the second performance:

  9. Richard Kashinsky says:

    Betsy and I live on the far west side of NC so all we got was some rain. We were in Carlisle, PA when the storm hit PHL and we felt that. Lots of wind and rain. Thanks for asking.

  10. Ralph says:

    OK guys… did you North Carolina people (etc) fare with the Hurricane?? There were some real scary photos in the news of the damage!
    Is everybody OK????

  11. Ralph says:

    BOY……it sure is QUIET around here. Everybody is running wildly inside their “gerbil wheels” tending to their busy lives. Dont’ forget to stop occasionally and ‘smell the flowers’, or the coffee…
    I hope all is well with our MIAMI JACKSON group. Take care of yourselves….they’re not making any more of YOU !

    • Nancy Carnicella Voye says:

      I have the same sentiments…. wondering where everyone’s been hiding. I hope I can post a photo here as 10 days ago I found a precious little doggie in the middle of traffic in Little River area of Miami. I have adopted her and given her much needed medical care and I think she is going to be fine. …but it sure has kept me busy. If I can’t figure out how to post the picture, will you please help me, Ralph? Menwhile, the reunion committee is trying to schedule meetings for our planning session for 5our but schedules are busy and time is short. HELLO EVERYONE ! ! ! !
      xo xo

  12. Diane Kisner Knight says:

    I would like to wish all the fathers who read this blog a Happy Father’s Day.

  13. Virginia says:

    I have finally been catching up with my reading…of this fun Blog that Ralphee has so cleverly prepared for us!! So excited that Lynda is doing so well with her treatment and was sad about Leslie and Reva for their loss. I did not know that Richard was such a car enthusiast! Everyone seems to have so much energy and hobbies and leads such busy lives. I am so thrilled that we can still keep in touch with each other this way. Wish I could have gone to the Band Reunion but it became impossible after Bruno’s surgery. Leslie: I had no idea you had had quadruple bypasses! My husband says to me now: “Surgery? What surgery? Did I have surgery?” It is amazing how fabulous everything has gone! Thanks ALL for your support. Ralph asked about our hobbies…one of mine has been genealogy. I have been able to trace my family roots on my Dad’s side to the 1500s!!!! Recently the bloodstained uniform of my great uncle who died at Gettysburg was on display at the Orange County History Museum and we drove up to Orlando to see it in person. I was very moved looking at it, the bullet hole that killed him had been mended but you could still see where the bullet had penetrated his stomach. Amazing that I had been able to track it down! Like a needle in a haystack!!!! I have been able to find all the descendants of my great-grandmother’s brothers and sisters (there were 15 children!) and keep in touch with all of them.
    I also have been traveling visiting grandchildren this summer, keeping up with my growing family. Have fun you’all!

  14. Diane Kisner Knight says:

    This summer, I plan to help one of my grandsons get through summer school and hopefully move on to the tenth grade. I also plan to visit my other two grandchildren and have lots fun. To those of you who read this blog, have a great summer, stay safe, and if you get the chance, post a comment or two from time to time.

    Diane Kisner

    • Ralph Proenza says:

      Grandkids can be a blast, Diane!
      Hey, I’ve just started playing the Soprano sax [think Kenny G w/ blisters on every finger], something I’ve wanted to since my Jackson days. Just added it to my “Bucket List”. 🙂

      • Diane Kisner Knight says:

        Hey, go for it! Eula is still playing (clarinet not sax) with several bands in the south Miami area. Blistered or stiff fingers should not stop us from doing what we enjoy.

    • Lynda Scarborough says:

      Enjoy your summer Diane. I am celebrating every day,especially since I completed my treatments on March 7th. My hair is coming back. I was hoping to be a blonde or a redhead but I really don’t care at this point, as long as it is covered. My daughter says that I am like a Chia pet. Everytime she sees me, I have grown more hair. But it’s not keeping me up at night growing. We all had a great time in Atlanta. It was good to see everyone. I happened to be visiting in Dalton so I was able to go. Everyone stay safe, happy, and dance the summer away!!!!! Lynda

      • Ralph says:

        Lynda, I had to chuckle at the Chia pet thing! I’ve had friends to go through the “Chia” phase of treatment. I’m glad you are doing so well. Take care of yourself and stay sweet (you always were!)

  15. Virginia Alonso says:

    I am happy to report that my wonderful husband Bruno went back to work yesterday , 6 weeks after his open-heart surgery, feeling truly like his old self again. He put in a full day’s work and came home feeling great, not tired at all. It has been hard and painful for him at times, but slowly and with much patience he has made it, thank God!
    I am preparing and have been preparing for months, a conference/concert for next Sunday April 10th and both my daughters are coming (from DC & Boston) and so it will be a great week for sure!
    Unfortunately we will not be able to make it to the Band Reunion. It is a bit too much for us right now!

  16. Ralph says:

    Time for some PUNS —- [I added some more ‘groaners’ ]…

    Two fish swim into a concrete wall. One turns to the other and says ‘Dam!’

    The soldier who survived mustard gas and pepper spray is now a seasoned veteran.

    The midget fortune-teller who escaped from prison was a small medium at large.

    Two silk worms had a race. They ended up in a tie.

    The fattest knight at King Arthur’s round table was Sir Cumference. He got that way from too much Pi ! [insert rim shot]

    A rubber band pistol was confiscated from algebra class, because it was a weapon of math disruption.

    Two hats were hanging on a hat rack in the hallway. One hat said to the other: “You stay here; I’ll go on a head.”

    • Richard Kashinsky says:

      These are good Ralph. My friends that I sent these on to liked them also. This has really created some questions regarding the maturation of our humor. Do you still watch the Three Stooges on Saturday morning?

  17. Ralph says:

    “Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass….It’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

  18. Phyllis says:

    I came by to see what everyone is saying about the Grand Band Reunion Deux…….
    Is anyone coming to my part of the country for the festivities? Tomorrow is the deadline before the price goes up. Anyone?

  19. Lynda Scarborough says:

    I’m not a writer, a painter, photographer, or anything but a great Mimi. Most of my time is spent with my grandgirls watching them enjoy life. I have one more treatment and then I am through!!! Whoo Hooo!!!! I’m wearing hot pink extentions to my last treatment and going dressed in pink!!!! I love hearing about all of your adventures. I’m proud of all of you Jackson Generals. You’ve done good!!!!

  20. Ralph says:

    Hey Gang: It’s inevitable that we will sit and ponder on the events in our lives that are sad, and generally ‘downers’ (I just went to a funeral). In the interest of being Upbeat, LET’S HEAR ABOUT YOUR HOBBIES…

    David Albury is an outstanding boat-builder, Leslie Pearlstein is a world-traveler and does great work in photography, Richard Kashinsky is a car-enthusiast (fanatic?), Viginia Alonso-Tokarz oil paints, I like to do photography, like to write and oil paint, and eat carbohydrates. HOW ABOUT THE REST OF YOU????

    • Leslie Pearlstein says:

      Please add eating to my list!!! I’m an expert.

    • Hi Ralph and all Jacksonites,

      I’m working towards becoming a car fanatic. I’m still at the car “nut” stage.

      Seriously, Betsy and I have the North Carolina Distributorship for Adam’s Premium Car Care Products. Adam’s is in its 11th year and is based in Denver, CO. Eighty percent of our business is East of the Mississippi and forty percent of our customers are female. We travel from GA. to NJ. conducting car care clinics teaching car enthusiasts how to care for their cars and selling our products. I conduct private clinics for serious collectors. Most of our customers as it turns out are Corvette owners. Adam’s products can be found at Our site is If you want to know just how serious our customers are read my Detail Narrative and watch our videos if you can stand it. If anyone has questions about car care I will be happy to answer them. No obligation. My cell is 336 408 4433.

      David’s boat building skills are fantastic. I am in awe of his professional level skills. Leslie is an excellent photographer. He spent Christmas with Betsy and me and we saw some of his work. It is outstanding. I have not had an opportunity to see the work Virginia has done, but I look forward to that in the near future.

      Okay, who’s next?

      All the best.

      Betsy and Richard

    • Diane Kisner Knight says:

      I like reading mysteries (Laura Lippman and Sue Grafton most recently) and listening to music (all kinds from classsical to rap) when I’m not working.

      Lately, I’ve been working quite a lot supporting launches from the Cape: United Launch Alliance will try again tomorrow to launch the X37B space plane carried into orbit by an Atlas V rocket. Weather at the Cape prevented this launch attempt today; weather tomorrow will probably prevent it again. Then there is always Sunday – the Air Force is very persistent. So, no reading or music appreciation for me this weekend.

      • Hi Diane,

        What company/government agency do you actually work for? Your job seems really stressful, is it?


        • Diane Kisner Knight says:

          I am a civilian working for the DoD through the Air Force at Patrick Air Force Base in Florida. The work itself is not stressful, but sometimes management decisions are hard to live with.

  21. Lynda Scarborough says:

    I am so sorry to hear about your loss. His legacy will live on in your children and grandchildren. What a blessing to have had such a special person as a father and father-in-law. May each day bring a memory and smile of him.

  22. Leslie Pearlstein says:

    Sorry that I’ve not been on the Blog for the past months. My father-in-law, Rabbi (Dr.) J. Leonard Azneer has been gravely ill since early November and he passed away last week. I, as well as my entire family, have been very consumed by his illness. Dad was a Rabbi and medical school president as just a few of his many accomplishments over the years. He was the Patriarch of our family for as long as I have known him (43 years). He was a very learned Biblical and Talmudic scholar, yet very wise about many other everyday matters. I will miss him as much as I dearly miss my own Father and Mother.

    Virginia, I’m glad your husband is doing well. I had quadruple bypass two years ago this month. Although that event ended my medical, professional career, it has opened many other doors to me such as teaching and community volunteer services. My wife, always the pragmatist, as well as Richard, Betsy, David, Nancy and all the rest of you my friends have been my support. I wish Bruno and you, the best of all that the future can bring.

    G-d Bless you all.


    • Ralph says:

      Leslie… very sorry about your family’s loss. It seems a bright light has been snuffed out. This is a sad road we all must travel, and I don’t like it very much. May the memories of his wonderful accomplishments help ease the burden.
      God Bless.

    • Nancy Carnicella Voye says:

      Leslie and Reva, I am so sorry to have heard about the passing of your Dad.
      I remember him at both your daughter’s weddings. I am sure the heartache felt by the entire Pearlstein family is great, however, when you teach your grandchildren of his learned life and kind and wise ways, it will bring you all much joy. My arms are around you at this difficult and sad time. Take care of each other and stay healthy.

    • Diane Kisner Knight says:

      My condolences and deepest sympathy to you and your family. I am glad you shared some memories and thoughts about your father-in-law with us – he must have been a wonderful person.

  23. Virginia says:

    The operation was very very successful. Doctor Savage was able to repair the valve. It did not have to be replaced. Only TWO bypasses were necessary. I am extremely relieved. Bruno is still in ICU. I will be allowed to see him as soon as he wakes up.
    Thanks for your prayers!!!

  24. Ralph says:

    (I feel like the Lone Ranger here, but I have another comment)

    Virginia (Alonso)Tokarz’s husband is having open heart surgery Friday Feb 18th to repair a faulty valve and do some bypasses. He is in good spirits. She said Prayers are Welcome.

    • Nancy Carnicella Voye says:

      I just sent Virginia a note wishing for a speedy recovery for Bruno, he’s a super nice man. My brother Tommy just had the same procedure in November and he was here (in great health) in Miami for a week visiting with our family — the proof of the marvels of modern medicine. Many blessings and prayers to Bruno.
      p.s. Yes, it’s been too quiet on the blog front lately….. hope everyone is well !!!

  25. Ralph says:

    Alright, it’s gotten too quiet again. I think I’ll stir up the pot…..

    A guy came up to me the other day and said, “Hey, smarty, I bet you don’t know the difference between IGNORANCE and APATHY?”
    I told him, “I don’t know and I don’t care!”
    [rim shot here]

  26. Ralph says:

    Richard K. thought you guys would enjoy this film clip. Maybe the MJ Marching Band & Color Guard could have done this routine with some practice —– NOT! Click on the link at the bottom. Check it out:

    This is ‘River Dance’ with boots and rifles by the Norwegian Army!
    I can’t remember ever seeing a display of precision to beat this!!
    Those are US made Garand M-1 rifles (WWII).
    They are heavy weapons (9 POUNDS EACH) with the modern bayonet.
    When that one young fellow goes on his own
    Note the collective ‘Ooooooooo!’ from the audience.–um-espectaculo-imperdivel.html

  27. Lynda Scarborough says:

    Woo Hoo!!!!
    I just finished with number two
    Treatment that is!!! I am halfway through!
    Woo Hoo!!!
    Terrible poetry but I am excited and very bald but as I like to say —-
    BEAUTIFUL a little loopy and delusional but thankful for each day.
    My four year old grandchild Harper told me that when I get my real hair and not my wig hair we can have a sleepover. Sounds good to me.
    Hope all is going well for everyone. I loved hearing all about you Marilyn. We are neighbors. I live a little east in Winston-Salem. We ought to get together with Richard and Betsy sometime. Small world that some of us ended up here in NC. But I love it her.
    Take care everyone. Keep blogging. I love a good laugh and smile. Lynda

    • Richard Kashinsky says:

      Hi Lynda,

      Betsy and I are glad you’re half way through. We wish you all the best.

      Betsy and I are leaving for Monterey this Sunday and we’ll be there for 2 1/2 months on a working vacation…mostly vacation. We’ll all get together when we return.


      • Ralph says:

        Richard….glad my efforts to get you back in the Blog worked!!
        [he was having trouble sending comments into the Jax Blog].

        Have a WONDERFUL time in Monterey, and don’t forget to come back.

    • Marilyn Schulz Franklin says:

      Your poetry was just fine. Our old English teacher (was it Mrs. Abrams?) would be proud. And we are proud of you and your progress toward wellness, too. Keep up your great positive attitude as it really helps! It would be great to see you again. Maybe we all could get together sometime. We’re willing to go east….. Marilyn

      • Howard Stokes says:

        Remember Ms Wiley, 10th grade english? I sure wish I had paid attention so I could have learn to write and spell. Jimmy Tucker sit right behind me and Jack Travis behind him. Long time ago

    • Ralph says:

      Hey Lynda….join the ranks of us ‘baldies’. In YOUR case, bald IS beautiful.

      I continue to love your delusional loopiness! Ha! Keep it up 😀

    • Nancy Carnicella Voye says:

      Great, simply great news that you’re 1/2 way there Lynda and that you are feeling so “groovy”….! I am thinking I shudda retired/moved to N.C. instead of staying here in SUNNY HOT SOUTH FLORIDA. Hope all of you get the chance to see one another since you’re all so close. Old friendships = new adventures…..! All the best to everyone.

  28. Marilyn Schulz Franklin says:

    Hey, ya’ll,

    Can I play??

    • Nancy Carnicella Voye says:

      Hey, Jump on in, the water’s great !!!! Tell us all about your life for the last 45+ years !!!! XO Nancy

    • Ralph says:

      Ok, Marilyn — we’re WAITING on your 45-year catch-up life synopsis! 🙂

      • Marilyn Schulz Franklin says:

        Wow! Forty-five years…..Amazing, isn’t it?
        Well, after graduation from Jackson, went to FSU and majored in nursing. Played in the Marching Chiefs and in Symphonic Band where I switched to bass clarinet. Met my future husband there who was a music education major. We married in 1967, 2 days after taking my nursing boards….that was interesting. Fortunately, I passed, married and moved to Green Cove Springs, Winford’s hometown where he was band director at his alma mater. We had 3 children, two girls and one boy. I worked at the Clay County Health Department (loved public health nursing), got certified to be an OB-GYN Nurse Practitioner along the way, went to part time when the children came along and did some office nurse practitioner work at an OB-GYN doctor’s office (that was like night and day…). We moved to Clyde NC in 1990, Sugar Hill, GA and back to Green Cove Springs in 1999, following Winford’s jobs. I worked in health department clinics everywhere we lived along with some odd jobs until openings occurred. Enjoyed being a shipping clerk, baby sitter in our home, planting pansies all over Atlanta with a landscaping crew to name a few. In 1999, we moved back to Green Cove Springs and Winford became band director at his old high school again and retired in 2008 after 43 years of teaching! When we moved back to FL, I really didn’t want to return to nursing, and had always wanted to be a foster parent, so we got licensed in Nov. 1999 and had our first baby placed with us in Jan. 2000. When we moved to NC in June 2008 when Winford retired, we had had 24 babies in our home for varying time periods. The longest was 3 1/2 years and the shortest was 1 night. I was supposed to retire when W. did, but I just wasn’t ready to give the babies up….(we only took in babies). So, we moved up all our cribs, strollers, highchairs, etc., etc., and got relicensed here in July 2009. Since then, we only have had 3 children. Two are with us now; a 3 yr. old and a 16 mo. old. Today, they got into my Baby Magic lotion and smeared it all over themselves and their bedroom…..maybe these are our last “babies”….

        We love living in the mountains. We live in my grandparents house that was built in the late ’40s. Some of you may remember that I went to the mountains every summer and rode horses and square danced. Well, am not square dancing any more, but we do have 2 old horses that I enjoy, living
        in the back pasture where my teen horse used to live. There are so many great places to ride nearby, and even the old neighborhood brings back wonderful memories. So, along with all the baby stuff, all kinds of horse stuff moved up here with us!

        Winford and I still enjoy playing our instruments; he on cornet and me honking away on my bass clarinet. We play in the Asheville Community Band, Brevard Community Band and at the Brevard College band program to help fill out the orchestration since they don’t have enough music majors to make up a band. There are about 25 of us senior citizens helping to fill in that band. Yes, we have baby sitters all over the place…..We also sing in our church choir and play English handbells in a neighboring church. So, we stay busy.

        We now have 7 grandchildren and see them often. The foster kids go right along with us and at Christmas, we had 10 adults and 9 children at our daughter’s house in Atlanta. A great time!

        So, that’s about it. Sorry you asked, huh?
        Love hearing about everyone and their accomplishments and even trials and tribulations. Am so glad to have a way to keep in touch.

        • Nancy Carnicella Voye says:

          Woo Hoo…. My, my, my –what a wonderful life story. Thanks for sharing it with us …. I truly enjoyed every word. Many blessings for all you do for the sake of children ! !

  29. Lynda Scarborough says:

    Hey guys!!! Happy New Year!! One treatment down and three to go. The chemo brain was the worst part. But, I ‘ve always been a little loopy so I’m in fine form. I appreciate all of your thoughts and kind words. I love hearing about all of you and what’s happening. We are officially tired of snow and ice in NC. My daughter has been home with three little girls and not able to get out!!!! Now I know why my parents moved to South Florida. Miss that weather. Stay warm everyone.

    • Ralph says:

      ‘Way to go’, Lynda! Ix-nay on the loopy comment. I’ve always enjoyed your personality, pretty smile, & wit! So glad the treatments are under way.
      South Georgia (where I live) hit 18º — I can’t imagine what you experienced in North Carolina. I still have Miami blood in me which does NOT contain anti-freeze, so I’m not enjoying the cold either. Take care.

  30. Nancy Carnicella Voye says:

    Hey bloggers…… I hope you’ve received my e mail about a mini reunion we’d like to host for the Class of ’63. Date: April 15-17 at the Hilton in Savannah (historic river front). If you’re interested in coming, let me know as we have to have a certain number of room guarantees before we can proceed. Honestly, there has been little if any interest but I am still hopeful that we can gather enough people to attend, otherwise we’ll just wait for our 2013 50th Reunion. That’s gonna be a hard one to realize !!!
    In the meantime……hope everyone is enjoying a peaceful and healthy day ! ! Look forward to reading messages from you all.
    Lynda….. hope you’re feeling okay — keep us posted on your positive road to recovery. Nancy

  31. Virginia says:

    Thank you for your good thoughts! The surgery has been postponed. The cardiologist is doing more tests before he gives the OK to the surgery. It’s getting more complicated. God has his own plans, it seems…

    • Nancy Carnicella Voye says:

      I agree, and the plan is yet to be revealed. All of my best wishes go out to you and your entire family as you all help your Mother get through this.

  32. Ralph says:

    When I think of our Jax Band group I get ‘flashbacks’ of all we did, like this one:

    Diane Knight, do you remember a number we did on the football field where I “reprimanded” you and you took out a WET handkerchief, made like you wiped tears, then wrung it out to show lots water dripping from it?? (you had it in a plastic bag stuffed into your uniform) 🙂

    • Diane Kisner says:

      I have no memory of it. And by the way, what number or music was associated with it?

      I remember Joyce Carol Oates writing in one of her books, “Nothing is relived, only remembered, and remembered incompletely.” (or something like that)

      My memory is very incomplete. Right now I can only remember being so sweaty and worked up after practice and parades. Nice memory, huh?

      • Ralph says:

        Actually, my short-term memory is failing. I can remember ‘crap’ stuff in the past but not what I had for dinner a few days ago! I don’t remember the number associated w/ that incident, but I recall you wondered how you could keep the handkerchief wet while we were marching around on the field, and I suggested a plastic bag 🙂
        I also remember Leslie, while clowning around, picked you up bodily in his arms and carried you a few paces down the field.[–DELETED—–] Ha! I remember sweating after practice and under that thick uniform too!

        • Diane Kisner says:

          Oh dear. Ralph, I am fretting, and Iam getting a little worried about you. Did you have a few cocktails before posting your last comment?

          • Ralph says:

            Uh oh….well, there was some homemade Egg Nog in the vicinity, and well….um…….yes that comment was in poor taste.
            I will go back and delete it before I get tarred & feathered by the others!

          • Richard Kashinsky says:

            Ralph and Diane,
            I also had concerns about my memory. One day I was telling a long time friend about my concerns and he reminded me my memory was not all that good when I was younger. I felt better immediately.

        • Leslie says:

          Like you all, my memory about certain events is not as clear as it was. I still lift up petite young women. Their names are Naomi Leah and Toby Rose. I’m also the “Tickle Monster” to them. Grandchildren are great!!!

        • Diane Kisner says:

          Your comment was not in poor taste – I smiled and laughed, and it is very good to start the day with a smile. Thanks!

  33. Virginia Alonso says:

    You may have wondered why I have not been active in the past few weeks but I have been preoccupied with my Mom’s health issues. A very large (though thankfully benign) tumor has been found on her cervical column which is slowly rendering her invalid. It has almost completely paralyzed her right side and is now affecting her left side. For more than three years I have been after her doctors to do an MRI and it has taken all this time to convince them that the problem had to be neurological, not muscular…We finally found out last month the real cause.
    At first, she was completely against the operation the doctors recommended but thankfully and in spite of her advanced age (86), she has decided to go ahead with it. The neurosurgeon (Dr. Levi) is from U of Miami Jackson Hospital and he gave her a 95% chance of complete recovery of mobility of her limbs and back to a normal life. The surgery is scheduled now for Jan 7th. Please pray with me that everything goes fine and that the quality of the remaining years of my Mom’s life will improve…I have sporadically been reading the Jax Blog, but had little time to participate until now. Also, Bruno and I will celebrate our 16th Anniversary Dec 30th (although we also lived 4 “illegal” years together before we got married) . I wholeheartedly want to wish you all a healthy and joyous Happy New Year 2011 !!!!

    • Nancy Carnicella Voye says:

      Virginia….. your Mother will be remembered in my prayers for certain. I wish her a speedy recovery and my wish to you and Bruno is for a long and healthy life …. you are two of the nicest people and I’m so happy that you’re back in our town …. I’ll get the gang together soon and hopefully you guys will join us. Happy Anniversary — you’re both fortunate to have one another.
      Happy New Year.

    • Diane Kisner says:

      I hope your Mom’s surgery on Friday goes well and that she recovers completely.

  34. Nancy Carnicella Voye says:

    Let me be the first to say, HAPPY NEW YEAR in 2011 ….. already working on plans for a mini-reunion sometime in April somewhere in Downtown Historic Savannah, GA….. stay tuned for final plans.
    Many blessings to each and every one of us.


  35. Leslie Pearlstein says:

    A very Merry Christmas to all of you wonderful ladies and gents! I have the pleasure of joining Betsy & Richard in West Jefferson for this holiday weekend. They are the best hosts ever!! I’m blessed to have all of you as friends. May you all have a Happy & Healthy New Year.


  36. Ralph says:

    For you Elvis fans, and those who like Martina McBride, here is some video trickery that has both of them singing side by side…pretty cool:

  37. Ralph says:

    RE: Kendra (Crawford) Mijeski
    I heard from Kendra. She stays very busy playing tennis a lot (a healthy activity!), and busy doing other things in her life, and having a good time of it. She said she will try to make some time to join later. She sends a big hello to the group and a Merry Christmas from her.

    • Nancy Carnicella Voye says:

      I’m so touched….and I say, right back you and yours, and all the gang on this Blog !!! XO XO XO
      Happiness in the New Year.

    • Nancy Carnicella Voye says:

      Kendra…. you’re defintely the WO man …! I love that you are doing exactly what YOU want to do at this point in life…….Woo Hoo.
      However, let us hear from you.

  38. Richard Kashinsky says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all from Betsy and me.

  39. Lynda Scarborough says:

    I want to wish all my Jackson buddies a wonderful Christmas and a very healthy, happy New Year. I am heading to Dalton to be with Roddy and Stephanie because my kids are going to Disney. It’s the first Christmas without Dad. He’s always been in Dalton. It will be hard!! Then I head home for the chemo to start January 3rd. Uck!!! But am grateful that it is available and that I am in a great area surrounded by family and friends. Enjoy every moment of these holidays and make wonderful memories with friends and family.

    • Nancy Carnicella Voye says:

      There are NOT too many days that go by that I don’t think of you and what your facing. However, I do know, with conviction, that you will beat this thing and be back in good health and will enjoy a healthy 2011…. at least that is my wish for you. You’re too so right about enjoying each and every day that we have been given.
      My best to you.

  40. Nancy Carnicella Voye says:

    I would like to offer my wish to each of you for the merriest Christmas EVER and a New Year that is full of many blessings, good health, true love and peace to all !
    With love always, Nancy

    • Ralph says:

      I would like to DITTO that — Best wishes to All!
      And Nancy, here is a special *mistletoe kiss* for You [smack]
      and one for Lynda, and one for Diane, and Charlotte, and Betsy, and Phyllis, and Virginia, and…
      *<:-) Ralph

  41. Richard Kashinsky says:


    Betsy and I just talked with Lynda. Were you a rocket scientist with NASA or a defense contractor?

    • Diane Knight says:

      Hey Kashinsky,
      First, I want to say how great it is that you and Betsy are near Lynda and looking out for her.
      Second, my bio after JAX started with three and a half years at Stetson University – finishing with a B.S. Physics in 1967. At that time, GREs and grad school took a back seat to love, marriage, and the prospect of having children. So I married Gene Knight and went off the University of North Carolina with him where he got his M.S. Physics 1969. We came to Florida that year, had two children, but after much counseling and discussion, finally divorced in 1979. We remain friends (so strange that neither of us has any romantic interest in each other now, but back then there was so much) and continue to support family functions with children and grandchildren.
      Third, I am by no means a rocket scientist, just a lowly physicist/mathematician.
      From 1976 to 1985, I worked as an Engineer at Harris Corporation in Palm Bay, Florida, and then went to KSC (Kennedy Space Center) to work in the space program with several NASA contractors: PRC and Lockheed Martin. After Challenger, I became uneasy with the antiquated technology used in the Shuttle, and took a job as a civilian for the federal government where I still work today at Patrick Air Force Base, Florida. I am in the safety office and my job as a risk/flight analyst is to write programs and generate files to be used in displays that monitor (real-time) all the trajectories of each rocket launched from KSC and Cape Canaveral AF Station. These displays contain destruct lines, and if the rocket crosses these lines during ascent, we blow it up to protect the public (behind the destruct lines). We also generate areas for ships, boats, and aircraft to stay out of during a launch should the rocket blow up during the flight either by itself or by signals from us.
      I was glad that Charlotte wrote in our blog site, I hope that Kendra and others will too. Thank you for asking about me!

      • Ralph says:

        Diane, I’m so impressed!
        Ok all —> Let me see a show of hands of those who think
        Diane is an impressive physicist AND a Rocket Scientist……
        Yes, I thought you would all agree! 😀
        (“lowly” and “physicist” are oxymorons, girl!)

        You’ve been though a lot, and life does take many twists and turns. You seem to have made it just fine. I admire you for all your accomplishments. Just keep on trucking.
        I will try to contact Kendra again about our blog.

        • Diane Knight says:

          Thanks Ralph for the pat on the back, and kudos to you too: from a giggling clarinet player to a dentist! Wow!

        • Nancy Carnicella Voye says:


          • Diane Knight says:

            Don’t you ever leave us!! You have provided the glue that has held us together all these many years. I am always looking forward to email from you. I especially like your latest one from Skip which I have played three times, and I too am still laughing!

          • Nancy Carnicella Voye says:

            Diane….you’re best ! I feel so much better now and I truly thank you for the kind comments !! I’m glad I could provide a good belly laugh today !!!
            XO Nancy

          • Ralph says:

            Nancy — No no no…no ‘slug’ talk here! You are a super gal any way you want to measure it! Stay as sweet as you ALWAYS have been, girl!

          • Nancy Carnicella Voye says:

            All of you are ACES in my life ! I thank you for taking me out of the “slug” category !!! Love to each and everyone of you.


      • Richard Kashinsky says:

        Lynda and I talked last night about what great success some of our classmates have earned. Lynda, Betsy and I are proud of you, Leslie, Ralph, Charlotte, Larry Muench, Larry (Rocky) Lane and we’re sure there are other classmates whose achievements and successes we don’t know about. I hope this blog gets us all closer together. I don’t know of any classmates who graduated around the time we did that still stay close. We have Nancy to thank for that.

  42. Ralph says:

    Ok, it’s entirely too quiet around here, so I’ll recount an anecdote about when I was dating my wife:

    Right before we got married I wanted to set the parameters of our relationship, so I told her — “I’m gonna wear the pants around here. When I come home at night I’ll want WHAT I want, WHEN I want it!!”

    Well, I didn’t see her for 5 full days after that. But on the 6th day I could see her a little bit through my right eye….”
    -Ralph [chuckle, snicker..]

  43. Charlotte Jones Carroll says:

    Thank you Nancy for reminding me how to use this blog. I loved hearing about those missing years from everyone. I went to college at American U in Washington DC (international affairs and economics) and worked with US AID in DC till early 1969, when I was assigned to Argentina with USAID. So I was very near Les and Ralph during their Baltimore years and did not know — Darn! Well, didn’t have a car then anyway. Went from Argentina to grad school at Princeton U, with a little job in Montevideo the summer of 72. After getting MPA in ’73, I got in my car with two friends and drove to Managua, Nicaragua to work (with USAID still) on their recovery from earthquake…stayed till ’77, just as Sandinistas were starting their battle. Got back to DC with AID still, where I worked on education in Latin America, and met my husband-to-be, Tom. When AID wanted to send me to El Salvador, I managed to switch to World Bank, and to co-purchase a house in DC with Tom. We were married in 1980, still are married today. Moved to Maryland, 50 yards from DC border, and suddenly have two Senators and a Congressman. Have a daughter, Ilona, who is now 26 and has her own degree in political science/international affairs, and returned to live in DC. Tom’s three sons (first marriage) each have a child, so I have three grandkids (step — but not in my mind or theirs). Retired in 2000 from World Bank, early so I could stop those 11 hour days. I’ve turned to volunteering with non-profits, serving on boards, that sort of thing. Am still a geek but not a wonk. I love all the museums and music and art in Washington, plus all the classes you can take here. I am teaching (spanish and economic development) and taking (art classes, current events, immigration policy)….and handling the extended family (my mom moved up here in 2007 to a nearby independent living place after my father died, so my connection to Miami Springs is kind of broken. Thanks again to all of you for extending this memory line.

    • Leslie says:

      Very interesting story. Charlotte, do you miss the excitement of working in a foreign country? I worked for a short time in a foreign land, but it was called Louisiana. Just kidding of course. Some of the food, especially the hot dishes, made my stomach feel like I was visiting a foreign land. I think I left part of my large intestine in Shreveport after some hot creole food at our Barksdale AFB cafeteria. It was either then or after a midnight greasy meal in Louisville General Hospital’s grease-pit, again a hospital cafeteria. No wonder there are so many sick people in hospitals.
      Has anybody else had any interesting adventures overseas with their jobs? I guess I’ve a pretty boring life, after all, next to Charlotte and Virginia.

      Lynda, glad you’re doing well. Keep plugging ahead with your vision focused clearly on returning to a healthy life. May this event be just a short detour on the pathway of your life and happiness.


      • Richard Kashinsky says:


        When you and Reva come to visit we’ll take you to the Moose Cafe in Greensboro. It will make the places you mention above a distant memory.

    • Diane Kisner says:

      Were you scared being in Nicaragua during the Somoza regime? I imagine your Mom and Dad were concerned.

    • Nancy Carnicella Voye says:

      Oh my gosh, what wonderful accomplishments and time well spent. Very proud of you young woman….. I feel like a slug…(*:*)…!

  44. Lynda Scarborough says:

    I concur!!!! It is freezing up here in NC. I like the latest comment posted at the top. We have already had 2 snowfalls and it isn’t even officially winter. This ought to be an interesting winter.

    • Charlotte Jones Carroll says:

      Lynda — I’m counting on you beating this big C thing…glad you are through the cutting stage. I can name many friends that have survived breast cancer and are busy with their lives. You better be one of those! CJC

      • Nancy Carnicella Voye says:

        Thinking of you today and hope it’s a good one for you. I know you will knock this cancer out of you once and for all and that 2011 will be a bright and healthy one for you and yours. I don’t have your personal e mail anymore, the one I had keeps coming back as undeliverable. Would you mind sending it to me? Take care. Nancy

  45. Nancy Carnicella Voye says:

    p.s. Burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, it’s friggin freezin’ here in Miami tonight !

    • Richard Kashinsky says:

      Dear Nancy,

      It’s 9 degrees here in West Jefferson, NC. The wind is howling and the wind chill is well below zero. There is about a foot of snow on the ground and more is falling as I write. Betsy wants to know if your guest bedroom has a king size bed.

      • Nancy Carnicella Voye says:

        Tell Ms. Betsy that I have a Queen bed which I believe is well suited for HER. Come on down dog gone it !!! XO XO

  46. Nancy Carnicella Voye says:

    It occurs to me that I do not have personal e mail for everyone who comments here. Would you all mind e mailing me your e mail address so I can put you on my Class Roster? I would greatly appreciate it. Mine is:
    Thanks bunches !

  47. Rodger Parker says:

    Interesting comments. I hope others will join in. I especially liked the Andrew Klavan clip from Ralph. I can’t relate to grandkids…. but I’m not old enough to have any yet.

    Rodger Parker

  48. Richard Kashinsky says:

    It was Carino’s. The owner looked just like Richard Boone/Palladin. As I recall Carino’s was not too far from Jackson and and in our senior year moved to North Miami. Great pizza, garlic rolls and about the best coffee I’ve ever had.

    • Leslie Pearlstein says:

      Even better than the Kashinsky “home brew”?

      • Richard Kashinsky says:

        Hi Leslie,

        Yes, better than my home brew.
        It’s 11 degrees in West Jefferson, NC with sustained winds at 20+ MPH. The chill factor is below zero. Betsy and I will stay in today.

  49. Ralph says:

    I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving repast [burp]. It was hard to stop eating all that good food [insert stretch marks here].
    Seriously, we ALL have much to be thankful for. Even in our ‘valleys’ we have good friends and good Miami Jackson memories that can pull us UP. We *DID* create some wonderful memories back in those days that NOBODY can take away from us! I’m thankful for my Jax Friends!

    • Leslie Pearlstein says:


      I seem to remember that you were one of the best “burpers” around. Oh, such fond memories of the burping contests we had to gross-out the females around us. I believe you or David Albury was the “King of Burping”. Am I correct or just dreaming up this memory? I seem to remember also that the contests occurred after eating at Royal Castle or Burger King following band practices. I believe it was Richard Kashinsky could put down three whoopers or more at a time at Burger King.

      What was the name of the Italian restaurant on 7th Avenue that we went to after concerts? Was it Caruso’s?


      • Richard Kashinsky says:

        Hi guys,
        Ah yes the good old days when I could put 2 or 3 Whoppers away and not gain a pound. But if you guys remember it was not my burping that got to you.


      • Ralph says:

        Leslie, Yes, you remember correctly that I could burp….and still can, but I think David was the “King” burper. Today, I’m proud to say I can burp the word “OKAY” — nothing longer than 2 syllables, tho. Ha!
        Richard, I always wondered why the flowers would wilt after you passed them by!
        (the ladies that are NOT reading this conversation will soon have some input!)
        Leslie, the only Italian restaurant I can remember is “Leo’s For Pizza,” but it might have been Caruso’s.

        • Nancy Carnicella Voye says:

          Okay ladies, time to jump into this “burp fest” — who among us remember the lovely romantic Friday Night slow dances to Johnny Mathis tunes under the moon and stars held on the West Patio —and the sock hops in the Gym…! Now that’s some memories….. (burp) oh excuuuuuussssssssse me!

          • Nancy Carnicella Voye says:

            p.s. Could the Pizza Place be Carino’s ??? I remember going there for the garlic knots and the best Pizza ever.

          • Phyllis says:

            Yeah, you right! That was one of the memories that came to mind when I read of the recent passing of our Jackson football hero, Ogie Keneipp. I remember dancing the twist under the stars with him on that very same patio. I had to exxcuuussee myself from the dance when I saw the look of disapproval on the face of my date for the evening, Jimmy Peters.

  50. Lynda Scarborough says:

    My surgery is over and I am at home with my sweet sister-in-law taking care of me. I will begin my treatment after the new year. Not excited about it but someone said I will have to do it like eating an elephant, one bite at a time. Just keep me in your thoughts and prayers.

    • Virginia says:

      Dear Lynda: You are so brave! I am sending all my Good Energy your way and all my Good Thoughts to help you in any way you may need! You are most definitely in our prayers! Have a peaceful and loving Thanksgiving.
      Virginia Alonso

    • Ralph says:

      Hey Lynda,
      Virginia’s comments I KNOW reflect the feelings of the rest of this group. Lots of love & ‘healing thoughts’ & prayers are going your way. Take care!

    • Leslie says:

      I’m so glad that you are recovering very well. You will certainly be in my Thanksgiving prayers. We all have lots to be thankful for, including our great friendship.

    • Diane Kisner says:

      You may not be excited about your upcoming treatment, but your comment this time makes me think you feel more upbeat and positive about what your future might hold. I will be thinking about you, and waiting to hear about each “bite”.

    • Nancy Carnicella Voye says:

      Lynda… YOU are most definitely in my thoughts and prayers. Anyone who goes through what you are having to go through deserves a lot of respect and prayer. You are so brave and I wish you a speedy recovery to be yet another to join the ranks of the survivors. All the best and keep us up to date on how you are healing.

  51. Ralph says:

    I went back and re-read about David Albury’s history. That’s pretty cool, David, connecting to folks back to the Colonial days. Living in the Abaco Islands in the Bahamas would be a ‘dream’ place for me.
    A relative of mine gave me a write-up of some of my lineage. It seems one of my ancestors was ship’s surgeon in the King’s Navy from Portugal. I also had some Mayors and other politicians in my past. Some of the people settled in the Martinique Islands (French Caribbean near Barbados), and later to Cuba, and the U.S. Strangely, my heritage annecdotes never mention the scoundrels and thieves and other ‘skeletons in the closet’…..go figure!

  52. Rick Hamilton from the Sax section got in touch with me a few weeks ago. Should I tell him about the Band Reunion? He was also looking for Geroge Florida who played the drums so beautifully. Let me know,

  53. Ralph says:

      OK, let’s forget politics for a while




  54. Nancy Carnicella Voye says:

    I too, noted the comments lessened with the onslaught of politics…. let’s keep the forum open for ALL comments we can all learn a lot about one another from various topics……! I have the utmost respect the Office of the Governor of the good State of Florida, but will have to hold off on saying the same for the person he has a lot of ‘proven’ to do….maybe— just maybe — he’ll surprise us all but I’m not that sure~~~~~~. Let’s keep hope alive in the years to come.

    • Diane Kisner says:

      As usual, Phyllis was right on the money about the quiteness of the blogging after political views were presented – I too did not read anymore. But then a political event happened last week that brought tears to my eyes, and I know that I have to listen to Ralph and Kashinksy as well as to Charlotte and Leslie because of the following poem written many years ago by a politician/poet/hero:

      “In the Quiet Land, no one can hear

      what is silenced by murder

      and covered up with fear.”

      “But, despite what is forced, freedom’s a sound

      that liars can’t fake and no shouting can drown.”

      • Leslie Pearlstein says:


        That was a very moving and appropriate poem. Who is the author?
        I became quiet on the blog because my father-in-law is seriously Ill & I’ve been with my wife at the hospital. My mind and spirit have been focused on my family & his illness.
        Like many people I have avoided political talk & controversy. However, the recent election of Rick Scott as Florida’s Govenor has been very disappointing to me because of the knowledge I have concerning him and the Columbia hospital fiasco. I take a very strong stand when it comes to the health care of our citizens and people who abuse the system for their own personal profit. Enough said. Life goes on and we all try to support our elected leaders and pray to G-d to guide their hands and minds.

        • Diane Kisner says:

          The author of the poem (I only quoted one stanza from “The Quiet Land”.) is Aung San Suu Kyi, a Nobel Peace Laureate and pro-democracy leader in Burma, who was recently released from house arrest after 15 or more years of detention (of one form or another) for her movement of opposition against the Burmese military regime.
          I hope that Reva is strong for the hard times that might be ahead, and I look forward to more political discussion and controversy on this blog site.

          (Pardon my grammatical errors in this and previous comments.)

  55. Richard Kashinsky says:

    No need to tread lightly on any subject for me Ralph. I had no idea about Rick Scott until Leslie blogged about him. Since then I’ve talked to another long time (not a Jax grad) FL friend and she is also upset about Scott. I’m glad it was brought to my attention. Now religion…I love our Constitution and each and every one of the amendments. Go for it.

  56. Phyllis says:

    Ralph, it seems that when the discussion turned to politics everyone got quiet.
    However, another band reunion is exciting! Who is coming?

    • Ralph says:

      Yes, it seems that way. I was trying to tread ‘lightly’ on Politics & Religion.

      Maybe we’ll start talking about the Reunion.
      Phyllis, look at Ted McKinney’s email *below* and see a tentative list of those that might come.

  57. Ralph says:

    Here is an update from Ted McKinney about the Grand Band Reunion 2011:

    Based on email responses to date, here’s what’s shaping up regarding a Grand Band Reunion in 2011.
    Date: May 13-15, 2011
    Location: Sheraton Orlando North Hotel (Maitland, FL)

    Price: TBD

    Please reply via return email with a yes or no to this plan, and if you indicate yes, please indicate how many will attend in your party.
    Please note that we are still in the preliminary stages and your response is not a firm commitment. But it will be crucial to making a decision whether to proceed with the planning operations.

    Even if you previously said yes, please respond to this request now that a firm date is proposed.
    As the lady on Wheel of Fortune solved last week: “I’ve got a good feeling about this.”
    Ted McKinney
    Clarinet, 1956

  58. Ralph says:


  59. Ralph says:

    This is part of an article written by journalist Charlie Reese (Orlando Sentinel):

    Politicians are the only people in the world who create problems and
    then campaign against them.
    Have you ever wondered, if both the Democrats and the Republicans are
    against deficits, WHY do we have deficits?
    Have you ever wondered, if all the politicians are against inflation and
    high taxes, WHY do we have inflation and high taxes?
    ………[the remainder was removed to create space]

  60. Leslie says:

    I am so disheartened by Rick Scott winning the Florida governorship. It was truly a case of blind, reactionary voting to get a Republican in office. I’m a Republican by registration, but I vote “the candidate— not the party”. Even the people I’ve spoke to about their voting for Scott said they are not sure that was the right thing to do. Great!!! Just as the young fell in behind the Obama campaign without real knowledge of the candidate, the same was true in Florida with the conservatives this time. Another inexperienced, opinionated leader with all the solutions

    Oh well, it could be worse. In Israel there are dozens of parties, and all of them know what’s the best for Israel with their differing opinions. It’s a miracle of G-d that they manage to get a government together at all. On top of that, they can have a general election any time the government falls apart with a “no-confidence” vote. Just imagine the gazillion of robo-calls and mailing if we had that system. Like they say, get 10 Jews in a room together and you’ll get 20 opinions.

    Politics and politicians. Yuk!! To boot they’re mostly lawyers. Don’t get me started on that topic. At least I don’t have Sarah Palin calling my answering machine all the time.

    • Leslie says:

      Excuse the typos.

      • Richard Kashinsky says:

        Politicians are like diapers. They both need to be changed frequently and for the same reason. Just be glad you are not living in California. A recent poll indicated 92% of Californians felt their state was headed in the wrong direction. So Brown and Boxer get elected. Go figure.

  61. Ralph says:

    I was trying to minimize being political in this Blog, but by SPECIAL REQUEST I am putting up the following film clip from YouTube. It has sarcasm and humor, and may ruffle the feathers of those Jax friends that are of the “Liberal” persuasion [that was the ‘Disclaimer’]: “Our” Beach Blanket Recovery Summer, by Andrew Klavan

    • Richard Kashinsky says:

      Hi Ralph,

      Being political on our blog is okay with me. It’s just another opportunity to share information and get to know each other better.


  62. Richard Kashinsky says:

    Hi all,

    Betsy and I had lunch with Lynda this week. She has kept her wonderful wit and humor, and looks terrific. Betsy and I are praying Lynda’s situation will have a positive outcome.

    A couple of quick notes. Leslie, the next time we talk or when we see you all next month I will explain the Marine/Navy ranking system. Ralph, when writing the word Marine the “M” is upper case. Don’t forget that buddy. I was a Sargent so I salute all you guys. Betsy and I will be in Adel, GA the 17 through the 21 of Nov. How far is Alma from Adel?

    A word about our friend David. David Albury is a true craftsman. His home, which he remodeled is a showplace. He does all the work himself and has achieved perfection. I have seen the boats David has refinished or built from scratch. He rebuilds the engines, installs or repairs the electronics, replaces or reinforces sections of the hull and does all the glass work. Every one Dave has done looks better than new. What a talented guy. David, please tell everyone about the time we were walking down the street in Mount Dora and discovered the painting in the art gallery.

    We had our first snow fall today and the forecast is the same for Saturday. Betsy and I will leave for Monterey, CA the end of Jan. and return the first part of Apr. The trip will be part pleasure and part work. Betsy and I have the North Carolina distributorship for Adam’s Premium Car Care Products. Adam’s is a small, ten year old company based in Boulder, CO. We will work the Central Coast of CA for this two month period. I started developing that part of the state last winter. I am also an independent rep for OE Exchange which is the distribution arm of Onward Coatings. We work out of our home in West Jefferson, NC. Our website is Just as an aside. For those who are not car enthusiasts and occasionally have trouble sleeping read my “Detail Narrative” and fall asleep quickly. Those are Betsy’s words, not mine.

    This blog is wonderful. We are glad people are participating.

    All the best from Betsy and me.

    • Ralph says:

      Richard, The lower case ‘m’ in my comment on Marines above was indeed an oversight…sorry….I totally agree on that. [I have corrected that!]
      I have always admired David and his skills, as I have the rest of you guys. Because of knowing you all, my memories are that much more treasured, and thank you for them.
      I can see Lynda’s sweet smile in my mind and add my prayers for a good outcome.

      • Richard Kashinsky says:

        You are excused Ralph. You are too funny. I wish I knew if some day in the future I would consider today a good old day. That would be so helpful. Alma is about 90 minutes from Adel. Betsy and I are staying in Adel and will be working in Moultrie.

        I sure agree about the memories Ralph. Cheryl mentioned finding our markers on the Orange Bowl field. WOW did that ever pop up some old memories.


  63. Leslie says:

    This period of waiting for tests can be the worst time for many patients. During my 37yrs. of practice I treated over 1700 women and men with breast cancer in the Tampa Bay area. I would counsel my patients that this period you’re going through is like entering a dark tunnel. You can’t quite see the exit yet and it can be scary and frustrating. Like the tunnel, there is an opening at the end. I told my patients to focus on the light at the end and not the tunnel itself. The “end” of your tunnel will be returning to a normal life with the extra life-enriching experiences of having the loving support of your family and friends that you picked up in that nasty dark tunnel. If I can be of any help or assistance during this time please contact me ( Tele: 727-772-3295 or Email: Sometimes you may need more encouragement and understanding and I’m there if you need me.

  64. Cheryl Ellis says:

    We are praying for you. you will be o.k. keep positive thoughts, very important during treatment and after, and always. My positive attitude and friends helped alot during my leukemia, AML and I’m here to tell about it. Have been in remission one year this
    Thanksgiving. Many blessings for which to be thankful.
    I am sad to hear so many of us had health issues but thankful that we are here to “blog”. whoever named this that????
    love to all,
    ps wasn’t it just awhile ago that we were trying to find our markers on the Orange Bowl field and Nancy was cheering us on?

    • Ralph says:

      Hi Cheryl,
      That funky name BLOG came from “weB LOG”. It started out as a place on the WEB where people could expound and report upon their personal lives in the form of a narration, a log…kind of like a diary for all to see. It has evolved into more of a conversation forum — like ours. Yes, it was “just the other day” that we were standing on the Orange Bowl field… Take care 🙂

      • Nancy Carnicella Voye says:

        I received a e mail from Frank Newberg and he’d be interested in joining our blog…. can you walk me through how I invite others to join? Or can you do it? Let me know either way, please. Nancy Frank’s information: Frank Newburg
        108 East 12th Street
        Tierra Verde Fl 33715
        Cell: 727-644-3362

  65. Lynda Scarborough says:

    Thank you all for your kind words and thoughts. I find out today the course of treatment ahead so that will help with the fears. I’ll keep you all informed.

  66. Virginia Alonso-Tokarz says:

    Dear Lynda: I am sure you are worried with your awful news, but I have personally known so many cases that turn out just fine. Even if the worst occurs, there are many ways around it. My young cousin (42) Jessica had one breast removed and she came out just fine. Has had reconstructive surgery, only takes one pill a day and has for the last three years (two more years to go). She is completely recovered and is now going to Nursing School to specialize in breast cancer patients! We are all supportive of you and will stand by you in your hour of need!

  67. Nancy Carnicella Voye says:

    Have we heard from any other friends yet? I will check off the box to have email messages sent to me, as I didn’t do it last time I posted. I don’t want to miss a thing ! I love you guys.

  68. Lynda Scarborough says:

    I have enjoyed reading about all of you and what you have accomplished since the Jackson days. After Jackson, I trotted off to FSU and got my degree in education. I moved to Atlanta and taught a year before I married a LaGrange, GA boy (Georgia Tech). We moved to SC where my daughter was born. Then moved back to GA (LaGrange) so he could go to pharmacy school at Auburn. We had a son who is now 37 and lives in Columbus, GA. I taught school in LaGrange but got a divorce in 1995 and moved to Dalton, GA where Roddy and my parents lived. I taught school in Murray County until full retirement in 2008. My daughter and husband moved to Winston-Salem, NC after he finished his GI residency at Vanderbilt. I have followed them so I could be a hands on “Mimi” for the three wonderful grandgirls. I also have a grandgirl in Columbus. Recently, I have been diagnosed with breast cancer and am awaiting the results of tests so my treatment can be determined. Last week, Roddy found my dad who was almost 92, on the floor of his bedroom. We are so sad but know that he is now with my mom. I love keeping in touch with all of you.

    • Ralph says:

      Hey girl. One of the ‘functions’ of this blog is precisely this: KNOW that you are among friends, and that we send you love & prayers in this time of your life. This is a *safe* place for you. May the test results prove to be better than anticipated. Perhaps the affection that this group can send you may carry a little of your burden. Let us hear from you.

    • Nancy Carnicella Voye says:

      Lynda, I am so sorry and so shocked to hear your news…. you are definitely in my prayers, what an awful time for you. Please remain positive….there are MANY, MANY good things happening today in the medical arena of breast cancer research…..perhaps our dear friend Leslie can offer some advice, he is reknown for his remarkable career and kind and gentle ways in dealing with his patients. As for your Father, I send my condolences he is going to a good place, especially with your Mom to meet him. I miss my parents so much and they’ve been gone over 20 years. If you need to speak out I know this forum will hear you. THANK YOU EVERYONE.

    • Diane Kisner says:

      What a great “Mimi” you would be Lynda.
      What did you teach for all those years?
      So many of us have had cancer and made it through, and I am hoping you will too.
      You were very lucky to have your Dad around for 92 years – I can’t recall if I met your Dad and Mom when we were at Jax.

      My deepest sympathy,

  69. Leslie Pearlstein says:

    Great to hear from Nancy and David.
    I never figured David for a “Redcoat”—-what an interesting history. Where was your family in “The New World” before they went to the Abacos? I know very little about my ancestors, except that some were from eastern Russia and Lithuania. My grandparents were some of the refugees at Ellis Island escaping the Czar and his pogroms. We really have been so fortunate to have been born and raised in America. It is too easy to take our freedoms for granted. I can’t wait until the elections are over tomorrow. Both Sarah Palin and Newt Gynrich called today. When he said “Hello, this is Newt…”I hung up immediately. I don’t want any lizard selling car insurance to call me during dinner. Just kidding Richard!!!

  70. Nancy Carnicella Voye says:

    Great idea, this Blog thing. I hope to learn more about my youth(ful) friends on this format. Good reading so far. You are all so smart and clever and I’m proud to know you. I have not led a very colorful life but it’s been a very good one. I have been blessed with good health and, without a doubt, THE most incredible, loving and supportive family (ever), not to mention BIGGEST – right David Albury? I know my family loves him to pieces.

    I have always strived to be a supportive, good, and non-judgmental friend and I am happy to say I enjoy the friendship of many kind people.

    I was born in Boston and my parents moved us (5 kids) to Florida in 1948. Shortly after arrival another brother and sister arrived (7 of us in all). Don’t know how my folks did it but we were never deprived — our home was always full of love, good food and, of course, lots of children.

    I’m an Allapattah girl…Kindergarten at Curtis Park and Comstock for elementary. I only attended Robert E Lee in the 7th grade as I couldn’t wait to get to Miami Jackson (8-12) – full of fond memories and fun times for sure.

    I was married twice divorced twice—maybe the third try would be the charm, heh? I did not have children but have been surrounded with the joy of having 36 nieces and nephews. I have lived in South Florida most of my life with 18 years in California. Single now for 22 years. I have had too many jobs to list here, but all were good to me. I am (woo hoo!) retired and living near my family in Miami Springs.

    I have had the wonderful opportunity to do a lot of traveling and must admit it’s one of my favorite things but I’d rather drive than fly. My family (20 of us) and I have taken an annual ‘family vacation’ together every year for the last 22 years. We always go somewhere different and always come home with happy and funny memories leaving us all anxious for the next adventure.

    Losing too many of my friends at this age of life so I am determined to be happy every day. I find joy and love in so many of the simple everyday things, my volunteering at the animal shelters and the kids’ elementary school. I wish the same (joy and love) to each of you.

    Nancy Carnicella Voye
    reach out to me at:

  71. David Albury says:

    I’m so honored about the good comments about me, I must respond. Funny how our lives develope. As a child it seemed that I could never do things good enough. So most of my life has been spent trying for perfection and of course we now know that is impossible, so there has been some frustration. My life in a nutshell has been, Moore Park Kindergarten(Leslie knows), Robert E lee Jr. High, Jackson High, Univ. of Fla, US Army, Capt. So I solute you Less, Delta Airlines 29 years for bread and butter and working on my avocation of boats and all connected to them. Searching for more in life, tried real eastate sales, yacht sales, yacht captain, charter boat captain and wannabe boat builder. Discovered at age 42 my ancestors were colonial loyalists to the Crown and fled to the Abaco Islands during the revolutionary war and lived a peaceful
    life of building boats and fishing. Grandpa and Grandma immigrated to Key West around 1900. Carl Starling and I think we are distant cousins since Green Turtle Key didn’t offer much of a diversity to select elligible mates.

    Got married at age 25, adopted her 3 year old daughter and struggled through that for 15 years, then single for awhile for awhile and then another try for 5 years. Been single ever since and pretty much enjoy life. The “perfect mate” is so illusive!

    Now living on the St. Lucie River, after collecting some “man toys” and doing some travelling. Interesting reading everybody’s journey. Keep it up. Dave Albury

    • Ralph says:

      Just think…if you hadn’t sought after perfection all this time, you would have missed out on such a full life of experiences and relationships. Think how bored you would be right now! All these layers of life add to our character and create who and what we are today. Rejoice in it.
      As for the perfect mate….alas, he/she exits only in our imaginations! 😉
      [wow, I seemed to have waxed philosophical….must be my medication.]

    • Diane Kisner says:


      When you worked for Delta Air Lines, where were you based? My father, Dale Kisner, also worked for Delta in Miami for 27 years. Charlotte’s father worked for Delta in Miami too for many years and then for a while in Atlanta.
      Growing up, we flew standby on everything from DC-3s to 727s. Now, I prefer travel by train or ship.

      • Ralph says:

        Diane, I haven’t ridden on a train for some 30 yrs I really enjoyed it back then and would be tempted to try it again. Are there any caveats I should consider when riding on one today? BTW, Happy 2011 🙂

        • Diane Kisner says:

          I haven’t been on a train either in a long time, but I have looked into it lately, and accommodations seem to be much better now. You can even bring your car along – for an extra fee of course. I don’t know if the statistics are on my side, but somehow I would feel safer on a train than a plane. Some of my coworkers go TDY by train rather than plane for safety reasons, but they say that travelling by train can be just as expensive as flying.

          Happy New Year to you too, and to all our friends on this blog site!

  72. Leslie says:

    What was your rank in the Army? I was a Major in the USAF at Barksdale, LA B-52 base for three years after my residency. I want to know if you salute me or I salute you first. We all know that Kashinsky was in the Marines, but I still haven’t figured out the Marine/Navy ranking system yet. By the way, I do refer to our friend David Albury as “Admiral”. He was in the Army but he’s delusional when it comes to boats.

    I’ll try to get David involved in joining our group. He does do some fantastic work on restoring boats. I’m sure we’d like to hear some of his Florida lore. I’m a real addict to stories about old Florida.

    Also, can we ask Nancy Carnicella Voye to join our group?

    Anyway, I’m interested to hear more about people’s lives since leaving Jackson HS. My short story is that I went to Duke and got a BS in Chemistry. Following that was a 6 year stent at Johns Hopkins (Med School and first part of residency). Were we there at the same time Ralph & didn’t know that fact? I was in Baltimore 1967 to 1973. Following Baltimore, Reva and I moved to Louisville, KY for us to raise our girls and finish my residency. My USAF career followed the residency, and then I finally settled down to practice in St. Petersburg, FL where I retired last year following coronary artery (quadruple CABG) surgery. Just too many years doing oncology surgery, trauma call, and other stressful parts of my career “helped” me to retire a little early.

    Flying, nature and landscape photography, teaching at St.Pete college, docenting at the Florida Holocaust Museum in St. Pete., Presidency of our Synagogue, and Poppy/car-pool driver are my avocations after “relaxing” from a strenuous surgical career. I’m having a “ball”, loving every minute, and thank G-d daily for the life that I am living.

    • Ralph says:

      Sadly, I am going to have to salute you….I was a Captain. Hey, I salute you anyway for your wonderful career. I had forgotten our friend Richard was in the MARINES, not surprising since he was Sgt-at-Arms in Wheel Club–ha! I admire Admiral David Albury for his skills also, delusions notwithstanding!
      I was at the Baltimore College of Dental Surg (U of Md) ’68-72. Yes we were both there at the same time. Do you remember coming over to visit me once?
      I have finally found a young associate to work with me. If it works out maybe he will buy me out and I can retire….I NEED that for my retirement. My heart is still intact so maybe I will hang in there a while longer, GOD willing (it’s ok to spell it out despite political incorrectness). My grandkids live 2hrs away but in opposite directions, so we bounce back and forth between weekends.
      Go ahead and invite Nancy Voye, and others who may have a common thread with this group.

      • Leslie Pearlstein says:

        I totally forgot about us getting together. So many years have passed since then. When I use the hypen in spelling G-d it is only that I was taught that way by my parents. I believe it is OK to use God’s name any way we can when it is in his/her/it’s name in praise and thankfulness. I’m doing it out of habit rather than anything PC. However, you notice that I am gender neutral in my feelings about God.

  73. Virginia says:

    I congratulate our savvy Dr. Proenza on this cybernetic achievement! Everybody! To me he continues to be Ralpheeeee! Army Officer my foot!

  74. Diane Kisner says:

    Thank you Ralph. Go ahead and get the tattoo, but please stay out of jail.

  75. Ralph,

    I didn’t know you were in the Army.


    • Ralph says:

      Yep…2 years at Ft. Gordon, GA, in Augusta. My daughter was born there, and cost me $6.00 — good deal! I learned how to play golf there. I play just as good today as I did while I was learning 😦 I’m glad the stint was only 2 yrs…i didn’t like working in a military mentality environment.

  76. Ralph says:

    Yes, Leslie, I have a love-hate relationship w/ my email. Even w/ filters I get bucketfuls of mail…yet I depend on it. I do ‘instant message’ w/ my kids using ICQ so I know what’s happening in their lives in realtime.
    Just to get it started and add ‘material’ to this dialog, I can give you a rundown of ‘my story’:

    After Miami Jackson, I went to Jackson Memorial Hospital Lab Tech school, went to Miami-Dade Jr. College while working as a lab tech, got married to a sweet Miami girl with soft brown eyes and dazzling smile I met at the hospital, then Fl Atlantic Univ in Boca Raton, then on to Dental School in Baltimore, MD. In my sophomore year I signed up early to join the U.S. Army (for fear of being drafted). It was good for me as I went in as an officer, and used the Army as a 2-yr internship. Went into private practice in S. Georgia, and have stayed here since. We had 2 kids, boy & girl, and they gave us 5 grandkids whom are a riot. Along the way I kept busy w/ some hobbies: photography, Ham Radio operator, Scoutmaster, computering, writing short stories, Forensics, oil painting, reading, pontoon boating, hand gun enthusiast, eating carbohydrates, and watching my body age.
    Well, now you know too much about me…oh, wait, I forgot to tell you: I never got a tatoo, or been in jail—but the day is still young! 🙂 Ha!

  77. Leslie says:

    I like this format. I feel a little less rushed than when I’m doing my email. I thought that computers and email were to make things easier. I find that sometimes my email folder takes on a life of its own. Do you feel that way?

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